At a march in Philadelphia. Photo by Juan Ramos.


Buttons for the Resistance is the project of Buttoneer in Chief Kristin McGowan, a former Hillary Clinton volunteer who turned her distress over the results of the 2016 presidential election into a full-time job and mission.

Kristin designs political protest buttons, manufactures them, and sells them in outdoor public spaces. Her home base is New York City's Washington Square Park. Look for the two American flags and the "Buttons for the Resistance" sign in the center area near the fountain. [UPDATED 10/14/19: Kristin's hours are currently limited, as she is working on a book. She expects to be back at Washington Square Park full time by the end of the month.]

Kristin is grateful that she has been able to donate over $7K in money and buttons to Democratic candidates and causes thanks to the level of public interest in the buttons.

You can find her on Facebook at Facebook.com/ButtonsForTheResistance.com.