At a march in Philadelphia. Photo by Juan Ramos.


Buttons for the Resistance is owned and run by Buttoneer-in-Chief Kristin McGowan, a former Clinton volunteer who turned her distress over the results of the presidential election into a full-time job and mission.

Kristin designs the buttons and magnets herself, produces them herself (with a little help from her industrious family), and sells them in public spaces—mostly in New York City's Washington Square Park. You can find her there Thursday through Sunday from about 12-7 PM, weather permitting. Over the winter she was out in California selling buttons on the Santa Monica Pier.

Thanks to the surprising and gratifying level of interest, Kristin has been able to donate thousands of buttons and a substantial amount of money to various Democratic causes being trampled under the current administration. Starting in September her button stand at Washington Square Park will also serve as a voter registration booth.

Though she doesn't have as much time for social media as she might like, you can find her on Facebook at Facebook.com/ButtonsForTheResistance.com.