Kristin at a march in Philly. Photo by Juan Ramos.


Buttons for the Resistance is the project of Buttoneer in Chief Kristin McGowan, a former Hillary Clinton volunteer who turned her distress over the results of the 2016 presidential election into a full-time job and mission. Since then, Buttons for the Resistance has put tens of thousands of buttons (and magnets - every button also comes as a magnet) into the world. The buttons are in all fifty states and at least 75% of the world's countries (that we know of!), generating millions of impressions for democratic candidates and causes.

Until recently you could find Kristin and the Buttons for the Resistance stand four or five days a week at Washington Square Park in New York City. That's mostly on hold for now - pandemics suck - but Kristin hopes to be selling buttons again in person soon, either in Washington Square Park, Union Square Park, or some combination of the two. Till then - or if you live far from New York - you can get your fix of buttons and magnets right here on the website.

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